Our Colorful HIstory!

The Buffalo Mercantile Company was founded right here in Buffalo Cove back in 1897 by Mr. John Hamlet. The Mercantile was known for having all of the necessary local staples for everyday living.

In 1924 John C. Todd and his wife, Pearl, purchased the building, named it “Todd’s Place” and operated a historically successful business until the mid-1980’s. When they decided to retire, they sold the store to their daughter and son-in-law, Mary and Herb Miller. At that time, Mary and Herb changed the name to “Todd’s Country Store” and added a small kitchen and dining area onto the back of the store.

Reaching retirement, the Millers put the store up for sale. A frequent visitor and fan of Buffalo Cove for many years, Tom Kassab became friends with Herb and Mary. Tom contacted Herb and said to him, “I don’t want to see the store closed, and it is important for this store to be open for the community of Buffalo Cove.” So, a deal was struck to purchase the store and bring it back to life. Tom decided to change the name back to “Buffalo Mercantile Company” to embrace and carry on the tradition of a country store of long ago.

Flash forward—to upgrades and restorations for a new generation that celebrates the past while looking to the future. So many improvements have been made including updating the internal workings of the store and its appearance. We have added WiFi, expanded the dining room and added a deck, a stone patio which includes a fire pit and a bridge over the Corpening Branch Creek. The general store now features over 800 products exploring the past while meeting the needs of the present. A fabulous menu of fresh and delicious food can be found in our café. We have begun to reintroduce local entertainment.

Throughout its history, the store was noted for all its fine products, its delicious sandwiches, its musical entertainment -- including the legendary Doc Watson, the Todd family children and the local personalities that have grown up here for generations and those who have celebrated and created the atmosphere of Buffalo Cove that characterizes southern hospitality.

We are truly a destination that’s worth the drive all year long.

Come by for a visit!

Your friends and staff at The Buffalo Mercantile Company and Café!